I work as Director of Engineering at TIBCO Software Inc. Ever since my school days I always wanted to work in the Software Industry and was fascinated by what technology could do. I head the BusinessWorks suite of products which is TIBCO’s flagship Integration offering.

I started my career as an Intern in TIBCO and moved up the ladder to head the product suite. During my 12 years at TIBCO (as of 2018), I spent majority of my time in Pune with a 4 year stint in the heart Silicon Valley before heading back to India. I still love working on new technologies and learning new programming languages. I was a seasoned Java Architect before I took the leap into management and even now work hands on as an architect as well as a manager leading a large team.

At cloud foundry Summit in Boston

Throughout my career I have presented multiple times at TIBCO Now which is TIBCO’s annual conference. I have also been an ever present member at the booth as an expert in guiding customers. Before I started my new blog, I also wrote a few articles for the official TIBCO blog

I have also been part of educating the TIBCO customers and users by collaborating with the Education team as well as marketing to create tutorials and youtube videos for TIBCO BusinessWorks.

At TIBCO Now San Diego 2017