A cool (and powerful) new feature which was added in 6.4.0 was the ability to dynamically change logback settings using TEA. Here’s how it’s done.

If you look carefully on the AppNode page in TEA, you will now have two buttons to download the logback file for the appnode and upload a new logback file for the AppNode. Here’s a quick reference screenshot –

Clicking the Download link should download the logback configuration file which is used by the AppNode. You can then change the configuration and use the Upload button to upload the new logback configuration.

Here’s a quick example. I have the REST Binding sample running on this AppNode. ¬†Here’s a quick screenshot of the log file before I changed the log level.

I downloaded the log file and changed the log level to Debug:


<!-- REST Binding logger -->
and root level
<root level="ERROR">
<appender-ref ref="STDOUT" />

I then uploaded the log file using the Upload button without shutting down the AppNode. Since BW6 used logback for logging, the default scan interval for scanning the logback file is 1 minute.

After this, I sent a single request using the Swagger UI and here’s the log file screenshot:

As you can see the new logging configuration is automatically applied and the REST binding is in DEBUG mode.

This is a very powerful feature to tune exactly how you would like to update your logging configuration for your AppNodes.